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CigarCraig's Podcast

Jun 18, 2018

In episode three of the CigarCraig Podcast I talk about my annual Father's day tradition of smoking a special cigar that was made to benefit the children orphaned by hurricane Mitch in 1998 and it's origins, and talk for a few minutes with Room 101 brand owner, Matt Booth.  

Esperanza para los Niños was a cigar that Christian Eiroa made in his Camacho Factory in 1999 along with several members of the alt.smokerscigars Usenet group who flew down to Rancho Jamastran at Christian's invitation in what might have been one of the first consumer factory tours. The resulting cigars sold for between $77 and 87 a box with about $37 per box going directly toward educating children who lost their parents in the aftermath of hurricane Mitch in late 1998. The cigars became available in July of 1999 and something like 2500 boxes were made. I purchased a box as a Father's Day gift for myself in 2000, and will smoke the last one from that box in 2020.  The second part of the podcast features a post event interview with Matt Booth, who got his start with Christian Eiroa, so it ties together.